Nothing Beats A Good Book

I’m excited to announce my memberships on the following book review sites: GOOD READS
Library Thing

For those of you who that I haven’t met in person, I think I should give you a little background information on my daughter, Amane`. A few days after Amane` started kindergarten, I was sitting in my Math for Educators class, when one of my friend’s began to tell me about our mutual friend’s first week of student teaching. Tracy said that our friend Kat, was really enjoying her experience so far, and that there was a little girl in her class who was incredibly smart. The little girl was able to write, read, and do basic math problems, but the amazing thing about the little girl didn’t have anything to with those subjects. The little girl was able to speak several languages: English (her L1), American Sign Language, Spanish, Japanese, and she was the only person who was able to communicate with a student, who had just moved to the United States from China. I immediately asked her if she knew the name of the school where our friend was completing her student teaching. She said that she didn’t know, but that she would find out before our class met the following day.
The next morning, Tracy set down next to me and then asked me what was the name of the school where my daughter was attending kindergarten. I started laughing, and then said that I was going to assume that our friend Kat, was completing her student teaching in my daughter’s class. Indeed, Amane` was the little girl that she had been telling me about the day before. From the time that she was born, Amane` has always loved to learn.
When a child has acted in a manner that requires some type of punishment, one of the most common forms of punishments, is to send said child to there room. Amane` has rarely needed to have her behavior corrected, and usually just the knowledge that she had disappointed us, was the only punishment that she needed. On the rare occasion that we gave her a warning about her behavior, we actually told her that we would make her watch television and ground her from reading. We’ve always asked her what she wanted for her birthdays or Kwanzaa, and the response has always been the same: I want books!!!
My major interest in the field of Language Education, is analyzing and creating reading materials that will be useful for NLL (New Language Learners) and struggling/reluctant readers.I intend to create Graphic Novels, Young Adult Literature and Creative Non-Fiction, that will not only easy the students abilities to speak English, but they will also educate them on the colloquialisms that are used in everyday conversations and the ability to decipher non-verbal communication.
My writing teacher once told me, that in order to be a great writer you need to read a myriad of books, from all genres. I know, you’re probably thinking to yourself: What the hell does any of this have to do with your being excited about joining the above sites??? I’m about to make a confession to you all, I LOVE BOOKS!!!!
When I say that I love books, I mean that I love them so much that there was a time when I wasn’t “allowed” to buy any more books. I know right now, you’re shaking your head and thinking…..Who would actually want to prevent someone from purchasing books, right? Don’t repeat tell anyone else, but my two youngest daughters and I, have actually created a “library” using a bookshelf that’s kept in my room. Amane`, actually has all of the books stacked in alphabetical order (by last name), and there are “library cards” that have to be filled out with the name of the book and the borrower. Technically, I think that the people who are really responsible for our private “library”, are my former professors at Saint Mary-of-the Woods College.
Well, in all of my classes that dealt with literacy, my professors always stressed how important it was to have a diverse selection of genres for students to choose from. Let’s just say that I took those words to heart; we would actually go to yard sales in the summer and buy books. It’s amazing how cheap you can get books via yard sells, especially if you mention that you’re buying them to try and ensure that you’ll have something that interests, even your most reluctant reader.
Hopefully, you are able to understand why I’m so excited, it’s not everyday that a girl finds out that she’s going to get ADVANCED COPIES of books to review…….;-)


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