A Reflection on the Greatest and How to Instill His Confidence in our Students



As I watch the televised celebration in honor of Muhammad Ali, I am reminded of a passage I recently read about the use of mobile devices in education. The article said that the amount of confidence a student has in regards to their ability to use technology , plays a role in the student’s success. Muhammad Ali, exemplifies this belief; in his lifetime he has overcome many challenges, from racial discrimination, having his championship title taken away because of his refusal to fight in the Vietnam War, and his current battle with Parkinson’s Disease.

Ali has always exuded a magnificent air of confidence, in his athletic ability and in the correctness of his moral and political belief’s. At a time when African Americans were facing subjugation, due to Jim Crow Laws and the accepted practice of segregation, Ali refused to be defeated. He displayed a determination and strength, that Americans from All racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, religious, gender/ sexual orientation and physical ability classes, have always been able to relate to and draw strength from.
As an educators, I believe it is our responsibility to instill that type of self confidence in our students. When students have the ability to learn in ways that build upon their individual strength’s and learning styles, they will be able to achieve positive levels of self confidence. Our students’ need this self-confidence, so that they will be able to tackle the academic and technological challenges that they’ll face as adults.


“Holly Area Schools wanted to achieve its goal of creating a 21st century learning environment for its students. This meant providing students with interactive learning tools and the apps that run on them with a goal of keeping the kids engaged in a way that old-school practices, such as pencils and paper (or even Windows-based tools) are not capable of achieving. Mobile
devices are at the heart of Holly Area School District’s 21C digital learning environment.”

The Holly Area School District, has found a way to implement the use of mobile technology, in a cost effective manner, having saved over $100K by adapting the use of Apple Devices and the Aerohive Wi-Fi system district wide.


One response to “A Reflection on the Greatest and How to Instill His Confidence in our Students

  1. mkrahman

    I agree with your statement on instilling self confidence in students. Holly Area School, by implementing the iPad, allowed students and teachers to utilize technology for the betterment of their curriculum. I was impressed by Holly Area school’s determination to integrate Apple technology into each classroom. This gives way for teachers to apply various technological methods to increase participation and educational progress especially in students who are struggling. For LLers, mobile technology will help them through various Language Learning Applications. I noticed that Apple is creating more applications geared towards higher learning. For this reason, I also think that implementing Apple products into the classroom would be beneficial. However, I also believe that the iPad, for instance, should not replace the textbook–instead it should be a supplement to the subject on hand.

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